DTO, Entity, Value Object, POJO/POCO/POPO 的区别

DTO vs Entity vs Value Object vs POJO/POCO/POPO Definations: DTO => Data Transfer Object, a object which contains no logics, used to pass through application bounderies. Entity => Value Object + identity.(We will not talk about Entity in following articles, you get the idea, they are the same) Value Object => Value Object can contains methods POJO/POCO/POPO => Plain Object with/without State(Data properties) + Behavior(methods), both ValueObject & DTO can be considered as POJO. Read On →

Celibate By Choice?

独身主义的女孩 I met a girl today, who was disappointed in love a few months ago. When I was tried to resume her faith on marrige, she explained a nearly-celibacy idea about that love could inevitably cause both parties to change. Of cource, I couldn’t convince her in that short amount of time, so I never intended to do so. Everybody changes, they change constently, Read On →


What are the characteristics of a bad software engineer? Originally answered by Nachiket Naik, software developer, artist, reader, writer, thinker and compassionate human being 据我观察,烂软件工程师有有以下几种特征: In my experience, these are some characteristics of bad software engineers: 壹 Stack Overflow 的搬运机器人:这类人一发 Read On →

学舌与跟读 —— 学英语の最速方法!GET√

What is the fastest way to learn English? Originally answered by Jathon Thompson, I am TESOL certified to teach English. 若你想听懂英语,从而更流畅地说,更快速地回应别人。那么,我必须地隆重地安利你尝试下最佳方法——“学舌 Read On →


春来心外花千束 日日眉锁为哪般 假寐江畔凭栏处 无风星汉起波澜


日上三竿艳阳天 禅坐洞中神无边 键盘谷歌牵一线 不知今宵是何年

在瘟到死石中使用 Linux 进行开发

简述 开发 Node, Ruby, PHP 等技术的时候,总是面临 Windows 问题,不是说他们不支持 Windows,其实要装是可以装的。但是他们的生态运行在 Windows 上时,某些组件的运行结 Read On →


飞利浦中端电动牙刷HX6730体验 买了新牙刷,为了防止大家问我使用感受。如同我是最早用上纸尿裤的新新一代一样,我也赶时髦地成为了最早用上电动 Read On →

Frontend Learning Note 3 - Vagrant, VM & Shell

The Lesson I Learnt Line-ending issue Make sure the line ending of your provision script is LF-only(unix-style), otherwise the behaviors would be very unpredictable. Unwated \r will appears everywhere during vagrant up… scripts heading #!/bin/bash is not omissible. Of course, you can use #!/bin/sh or #!/bin/zsh. Symlinks are huge problem! npm-issues#7308 => Symlinks within shared folder could not be sync between Win and Posix OS. However many NPM packages would like to create bin-links(symlinks of executable file within bin folder). Read On →

Frontend Learning Notes 2 - Direction Shifted

My Confession Only the ignorant person fears nothing. I gotta say that I was way too over ambitious about the frontend stack. When companys like Google and Mozilla start to push the standardization of new innovations of the Web. The frontend standards keeps changing everyday, so does the Toolchain. Chasing the tool could be harmful, so I realised a realistic learning plan could be more benificial for me. After a Read On →