IndexedDB 2.0 更新了!

IndexedDB 2.0 is now supported IndexedDB 是一个浏览器内置的 NoSQL 底层实现,它允许你存储简单值以及结构化数据。不过即便是在 Mozilla 的手册上 (IndexedDB - Web API 接口 | MDN)也Read On →

Free will is hard

Somebody developed a sophisticated way of humiliating people, discouraging people, depressing people, in order to ultimately manipulate them by enforcing and utilizing their diffidence. Those who do are usually incompetent, but whom they controlled are usually outstanding. F**k! Free will is what I advocate, thus stockholm syndrome is what I hated the most. For parrents of those lost generation, If u are not willing to nourish ur children with loveRead On →



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DTO, Entity, Value Object, POJO/POCO/POPO 的区别

DTO vs Entity vs Value Object vs POJO/POCO/POPO Definations: DTO => Data Transfer Object, a object which contains no logics, used to pass through application bounderies. Entity => Value Object + identity.(We will not talk about Entity in following articles, you get the idea, they are the same) Value Object => Value Object can contains methods POJO/POCO/POPO => Plain Object with/without State(Data properties) + Behavior(methods), both ValueObject & DTO can be considered as POJO.Read On →

Celibate By Choice?

独身主义的女孩 I met a girl today, who was disappointed in love a few months ago. When I was tried to resume her faith on marriage, she explained a nearly-celibacy idea about that love could inevitably cause both parties to change. Since I couldn’t convince her in a rush, I never even tried. Everybody changes, they change constently, and they changes both mentally and physically,Read On →


内容概要 这篇主要讲什么呢……恩,是讲一讲进来玩前端在 Windows 上各种折腾 shell 的一些心得。 先贴开源仓库地址 Windows 下的神器 babun 反正目前,Cygwin mintty 就是目前Read On →


What are the characteristics of a bad software engineer? Originally answered by Nachiket Naik, software developer, artist, reader, writer, thinker and compassionate human being 据我观察,烂软件工程师有有以下几种特征: In my experience, these are some characteristics of bad software engineers: 壹 Stack Overflow 的搬运机器人:这类人一发Read On →

学舌与跟读 —— 学英语の最速方法!GET√

What is the fastest way to learn English? Originally answered by Jathon Thompson, I am TESOL certified to teach English. 若你想听懂英语,从而更流畅地说,更快速地回应别人。那么,我必须地隆重地安利你尝试下最佳方法——“学舌Read On →


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