Frontend Learning Notes - Starting Point

Recently, I have migrated to Hugo Site generator as you can see. I was pretty disappointed with most of the theme. Even those great themes seem to have flaws, or require customization. And then I thought, if none of the theme is perfect for me, why not craft one by my own. Since I always been fascinated by the frontend development, I take it as a oppertunaty to bring my frontend skill sets to another level.

So I created the stupid hugo-polygon-theme. I have got to say, the name is pretty arbitrary. Even worse, I don’t have a clue even after I started. I start to realised that I need to have more input before I make an output. Hence, I started my long-term(supposed to be) voyage. Here are the resources that absolutely worth more attention.

Some of the resources are written in Chinese. Sorry for the inconvenience, coz those materials are slightly easier for me to understand.




Best Practics

-HTML5、CSS3、ES6编程规范 by 小栋同学

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