Frontend Learning Note 3 - Vagrant, VM & Shell

The Lesson I Learnt

Line-ending issue

Make sure the line ending of your provision script is LF-only(unix-style), otherwise the behaviors would be very unpredictable. Unwated \r will appears everywhere during vagrant up

scripts heading

#!/bin/bash is not omissible. Of course, you can use #!/bin/sh or #!/bin/zsh.

npm-issues#7308 => Symlinks within shared folder could not be sync between Win and Posix OS. However many NPM packages would like to create bin-links(symlinks of executable file within bin folder). So whenever you tried to install some packages, it is very likely to fail. So there are 3 potential solutions: 1. try to make it work by proper config virtualbox. 2. Move the node_modules out of synced-folder. 3. use --no-bin-links flag for npm install. Let me just reveal the final answer. Only No.3 works, with side-effect though.

Firstly, there is script provided by drmyersii(The author of vagrant-node-env)

config.vm.provider "virtualbox" do |v|
    v.customize ["setextradata", :id, "VBoxInternal2/SharedFoldersEnableSymlinksCreate/vagrant", "1"]

It doesn’t work at least for Windows 7 Host. I didn’t investigated further, due to tied schedule. You can try it if you want, I’d like to know if it works on you :P

Then, I tried to created a node_modules/ folder under /tmp/, but another unexpected issue supprised me. npm-issue#10013 It turns out the NPM 3 introduced some special checks, causing the breaks of npm install. If npm fixed this in further versions, or if you can roll back to a ealier version, It could be the best choice. With no side effects, and can be easily setup using provision scripts. I would continue following on.

The end, I am afraid that I have to go for the --no-bin-links approach. Em, that means there will be no more bin links. peroid. That would make cli operations much more undesirable. If you need those short-cuts, try to install them globally as well. So that when you call them, the global version can still response to u. Dirty, but works.


Nothing to share, just to show off how I learnt a new language! (@ beginer level..) Ruby is like PHP, lovers love it, haters hate it. I love PHP, but I hate Ruby at the first place. Its unique syntax caused me so many frustration. To be clear, it is my problem, not Ruby’s. Because I am not only new to it, but also too anxious. Whereas, Ruby’s syntax is so distinctive(also complicated). But hey, I tried it, and it was fun when I start to get it! I didn’t get chance to practice Metaprogramming much. What I can still tell is, the syntax suger is super handy. On the other hand, it is not as terse as golang/python, meaning that there is still a significant learning curve for coder who use other languages.


Whenever I used my mouse cursor, it will entry the VISUAL mode. However, all I wanted is just use the terminal’s build-in copy-paste feature. The bottom line is: I managed to prevent that by creating a .vimrc file under my ~/ home folder with a special setting set mouse=r.

Time for Referances



VirtualBox + Ubuntu

I think the best developer OS for me by far is Ubuntu. Fedora is not so popular and quirk in some ways. Deepin is bueatiful but slow and sometimes not so reliable.

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